Daily Needs of Apple Watches


Just like people change their clothes and other attires on a daily basis, Apple Inc. has made it possible for their watch customers to change their watch bands to suit their daily needs and moods. Choosing the perfect and best band for an Apple watch can be very challenging since Apple company produces a ton of watch bands that it’s easy for their customers to get overwhelmed with the wide range of variety to choose from.

Types of Apple Watch bands based on the sizes and the production materials.

Apple Inc. produces a wide variety of watch bands; the types of the watch bands are based on the material used to produce the band, the design of the bands as well as the sizes of the bands. The bands are made to fit different moods and occasions for instance, there are some that only fit the females while others are unisex therefore suitable for both males and females. Some of the types of Apple watch bands based on the material used in production include, stainless steel Apple watch bands, Leather Apple watch bands, Nylon bands and Milanese loop Apple watch bands.

Leather Apple Watch bands

This is a top leather Iwatch strap that fits the Apple watch series of both sport and edition version. The strap is made of 100% premium soft real leather, fashionably crafted to give the users a comfortable and feeling on their wrists. It possesses both anti-slip and sweat absorbent properties. Venosa’s Apple watch bands are made with stainless steel solid buckles to ensure stability and ease of installation or removal. The strap is also made with multiple holes that are very useful in adjusting the length of the strap as well as making it fit on the wrist. Based on the reviews from some of the people who have used the watch band, it is considered to be of very high quality. 

Daily Needs of Apple Watches
  • Classic band

This is another watch band made of leather. The strap is made of available in both brown and black, it has tapers fixed slightly from the lugs but made of a plain design without any type of ornamentation. The strap is very flexible as it fits in most wrists both male and females and goes with a wide range of styles.  The leather used in the production of this strap id lightly textured. However, the people who have used this strap complained of discoloration on the lower side of the strap after being worn for a few days. The adjusting holes are made large enough to make it fairly easy to adjust.

  • Casetify Saffiano Leather Band

Based on the reviews from previous users, this strap is made of a very high quality leather that exceeds all the other leather used in making other leather straps. Apple Inc. produced over 2000 designs of this strap. Saffiano’s quality and variation makes it the best and solid choice for individuals that love Apple watches. The buckles are squeaky when new but after a few wears, it gets more comfortable. 

  • Pad & Quill Lowry Leather Band

This strap falls with the price range of $60, its supple but have a raw-looking leather material. The Pad and Quill Lowry Leather is different from all the other leather straps since unlike the other bands that are double or stitched together, this one is a single piece made of thick leather and raw suede on its underside. The strand is less polished and feels softer and comfortable and that makes it cool and suitable for an Apple watch. This type of leather band is made in different sizes with the small sizes meant for the females and the larger sizes meant for the males 

  • V-Moro Crazy Horse Double Tour Leather Apple Watch Band

This band is one of the best leather bands in terms of design, it is designed in such a way that it wraps around the wrist, an imitation of the Hermes style bands.  The watch band is made from a very fine grin leather with different colors. The sizes of the band are 38mm and 42mm, also, it has a finished metal clasp to add up to its beauty. Based on the material used to produce this watch band, it is quite clear that the band is very reliable and durable.

Stainless steel Watch bands

  • Kades Solid Stainless Steel iWatch Band Link Bracelet with Butterfly Clasp

The Kades Solid Stainless Steel iWatch Band is very different from the other entire steel link band that it stands out among them. It is very different from the Apple’s Link Bracelet in terms of price and design. It is not a straight rip-off and it has a lower cost. It is the easiest to resize and this therefore makes it comfortable and very secure; this is its primary advantage. It can be resized by simply popping out the pins holding the links. Kades’ is inexpensive and can therefore be replaced easily.

  • Speidel Twist-O-Flex

Speidel Twist-O-Flex is an update of the 1950’s brand and it exists in several different versions such as black, silver and brushed steel. The brand has the ability to stretch when it is being put on and out and it can be worn by different people with different wrist sizes. This band cannot be chosen according to wrist sizes or any sizing guide. The band is very comfortable but costlier than the Kades bands. However, the band has the tendency of grabbing arms or hair if t is not carefully handled. Its size can also be reduced, but the links has to be removed in this case; making the process quit complicated.

Wood watch bands

  • LuxWoods Apple Watch Band

LuxWoods’ range is a unique and special strap that feels delightful. Its links are smoothed and polished, and it is light and has a high quality buckle. This band is a completely different and anyone who is looking for uniqueness seeks the brand. However, the band has very tough adjustment and unlike all other bands, it can easily be damaged.

  • LDFAS Natural Wood Apple Watch Band

This watch band made of wood has always raised eyebrows but then again the first impression to the users is great. It is quite impressive and attractive. Under most circumstances, the LDFAS watch band is produced in small sizes and fits for both the males and the female users. The Watch band is made of a combination of stainless-steel and natural black sandalwood and this makes it very attractive and eye-catching.  Since its made of wood, this watch band is not water proof and as it wears out, it brings out some of its rich colors and that makes it very unique.

Milanese loop Apple Watch bands

  • Apple 38mm Milanese Loop

Apple 38mm Milanese Loop is the Company’s most favorite Milanese loop. It has a woven-steel construction and magnetic clasp that make it very easy to adjust. It can fit more wrist sizes compared to any other band. This band is very expensive; its price starts at one hundred and fifty dollars. The brand, though expensive, cannot be replaced by another because of its uniqueness.

Nylon made watch band

  • Apple sport band

For individuals with active lifestyles and those whose preference is the look and feel of silicon, the Apple sport band is the best option. The sports band is highly affordable and available in different colors. It is made in such a way that it positions itself at the lower end of the price scale for all bands made by Apple Inc. The Apple sport band offers a comfort design as well as a reliable clasping technique which comes as a big benefit to the strap.

  • Carterjett Nylon Apple Watch Band

Just like the other Apple watch bands, this band is made available in 38mm as well as 42mm. It is pocket friendly and comes in different colors and designs to choose from. The feeling the users get is a soft –to-the-touch and it’s also water proof. The strap is easy to install and is compatible with three different models of Apple watch. Alteration of sizes requires no tool whatsoever. It has no screw; the design consists of adjustable stainless steel to help with adjusting to different desired sizes.

Sport watch band

  • Umtele Soft Silicone Apple Watch Sport Band

The band is made suitable for vigorous sport activities, the designs entails a high-quality and very flexible elastomer as well as a stainless steel buckles to complement its look and make easy the installation process. The band’s look is made simple and is available at a fair price. The size of the band is 38mm and 42mm which seems to the most common made size of the Apple watch band. Besides the many colors available of this band, it is also made in such a way that it is highly adaptive to different lifestyles and to top it all up, it is water proof.