Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020

There are numerous applications for the Apple Watch pioneer Apple Watch. In 2020, we have compiled the leading apple watch applications for you with its ease of use and popularity.


WaterMinder is an easy and intuitive application to keep track of the amount of water you drink. Based on your body weight (or daily goal), WaterMinder will remind you to drink water to reach your daily goal. Visually see the current water intake as a percentage and you will instantly know how well you are getting the liquid!

Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020

Keeping track of your daily water intake requirement and ensuring that your body is getting enough fluid is not an easy task in today's run-time environment. Let WaterMinder help you!
Stay healthy and water more - water yourself!

Lifesum (Health Practice)

With Apple Watch, various applications are developed for health monitoring, one of the most successful applications is the Lifesum health app. The Apple Watch Lifesum, which keeps track of people's food and water consumption during the day, is an ideal app for those who want to keep track of how much water they consume or eat, especially during the day.


Under 3 simple titles, drinking water, consumed calories and movements of people are shown during the day, while Apple Watch users can easily monitor their status throughout the day. By adjusting how much water you should consume during the day, you can see how much water you have consumed and how much more water you can consume, and you can also view the food status. In addition, you can see how much of your movements are done in minutes and how much time is left. So you can make things even easier with Apple Watch for yourself to live in a healthy way.

Carrot Weather (Fun Weather Applications)

If you haven't encountered CARROT Weather before, we can guarantee that you will get quite different weather information with the app. The app offers you an entertaining style of current or future weather forecasts.

Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020

Application Features

• Provides information on adverse weather alerts or poor conditions.
• If you don't like blasphemy, you can personalize it according to yourself.
• Extra features such as successes, time travel and AR mode can be used.
CARROT Weather is available for iPhone, iPad, iMessage and Apple Watch. To use all the app features with Apple Watch, you need to upgrade to Premium Club. In order to use other features, you need to pay $ 6.

Fun Golf GPS (golf App)

Only available through the Apple store, the Fun Golf GPS app offers most of the best features you need on the course, but with an improved map makes. Unlike the typical 2D bird's eye cartoon or satellite appearance, which is found even in best practices, the Fun Golf GPS app offers a more detailed image with 3D quality and true depth.

Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020

With the Apple Watch 4 or iPhone, you can use the app to view detailed pictures of the golf course where you play as if you were watching the fairway from a helicopter.In addition to its unique perspective and detailed maps, Fun Golf also has other services. The app has professionally mapped 30,000 courses and allows golfers to easily track each shot and view the location and distance to green and hazards. These maps can also be downloaded for offline use. Fun Golf lets you record the history of your shots or drivers, and provides an excellent source of data for your frequent courses. The app can also maintain score, store statistics and have an effortless backup / synchronization function.

Just Press Record (Apple Watch's one-touch voice recording application)

Just Press Record is a versatile, one-touch recording app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It also brings in some useful features like built-in transcription features for easy note retrieval. Users can record by pressing the application icon from a lock screen or notification tool for a long time. (Also, if you have one of Apple's smart watches, there is an Apple Watch Complication for Just Press Record.)

Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020

The application can print speech with various language support and punctuation commands. Records are sorted by date and time and can be renamed manually. Transcription also allows you to search for specific terms between records. Records and correspondence are synchronized with iCloud and you can share them with various applications.

Overcast (an app that lets you listen to podcasts from Apple Watch)

It is no longer difficult to listen to podcasts in a stream without having to download them all. Previously, Overcast had made it necessary for them to have a complete rest in order for the chapters to rest. Features such as smart acceleration and volume enhancement also work in podcast newsletters that are streamed or streamed. Arment optimizes both functions, so it says that Overcast works better than its predecessor. You can see Apple Watch Leather Bands here!

Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020

In addition, Overcast now shows episodes in podcast programs, as well as suggestions from real users on the screen for those looking for a new podcast program. There are also several 3D Touch shortcuts for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners.
Overcast 2 is distributed over the App Store for free. Those who have previously downloaded this application will also receive the new version as an update.

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