Apple Watch Series 6 Review By Venosa Case

Watch Series 6

The Apple Iwatch Series 6 may seem like an incremental upgrade, but the introduction of blood oxygen monitoring is a game-changer only. Great New! And the brighter always-on display is welcome.

The Apple Watch Series 6 assumes that it's the best smartwatch in the world. Now in its sixth iteration, the wearable category king has spoiled users with long buttery smooth performance, velvety haptics and trouble-free setup. Everything about the Apple Watch series 6 experience is almost obnoxiously seamless, and that’s a big reason why it owns nearly half the market.

So what's new for Series 6? The Apple Watch 6 offers blood oxygen monitoring for the first time, a brighter always-on display and a faster chip. Rival smartwatch manufacturers seem to be taking larger leaps forward with their products, while Apple sticks to its incremental process . it has 18-hour battery life! 


Starting price: $399 (GPS), $499 (GPS + Cellular)
Sizes: 40mm, 44mm
Battery life: 18 hours
Water resistance: Up to 50 meters
Music storage: 36GB
Sensors: ECG, SpO2, heart rate, altimeter

Apple Watch 6 review: What We like so far

  • Blood Oxygen app: I’m happy to report both that I received 99% blood oxygen levels readings (above 95% is considered normal, although my father, a former EMT, says he wouldn’t want to see me below 98%), and that the Blood Oxygen app is pretty thorough. It offered a brief blood oxygen synopsis and walked me through taking on-demand readings.
  • Brighter always-on display: Indoors, it’s obvious that the Apple Watch 6’s display is brighter than the Apple Watch 5’s, as advertised. Outside, in direct sunlight, the difference is less noticeable. However, when I looked back at some side-by-side images it seemed the Apple Watch 6’s screen in fact shined brighter.
  • New watch faces and third-party complications: Apple launched all-new watch faces that will actually make you ditch Infographic. I’m a fan of the Typograph face’s bold design, although the Stripes, Memoji and Artist options are great for showing off your personality, too. The good ‘old modular faces are better than ever thanks to added support for third-party complications, though.