Apple Watch Series 4 Specifications Top 10

Apple Watch Series 4

The Series 4 is a completely rethinking design and engineering concept for Apple Watch. From the new and wider display with curved corners to the S4 chip's architecture, this is the basis of every detail. Apple's most personal product so far. And now it's stronger than ever.

The largest Apple Watch screen compared to previous models.

The basic element of the Apple Watch is the Series 4, making it even better than ever. While signing up to such a large screen, it was also necessary not to considerably expand the size of the case and, of course, not to compromise on battery life. Therefore, a brand new display technology called LTPO was used. The screen was expanded over 30% by keeping the edges narrower. and an Apple Watch that offers all-day battery life on a single charge.


                  Apple Watch Series 4

More stylish look.

While the curved corners of the screen perfectly match the lines of the case, there is an uninterrupted elegance. In this way, both the visual field and the touch pad extend to the farthest corners of the eye-catching display.

Every millimeter has the dexterity.

The entire interface has been redesigned to provide more details with more detail in order to achieve full efficiency from the new dimensions of the screen. The new Infographic watch dial can show up to eight complications together. So you can see more and more at a glance.

Digital Crown. Head-turning innovation.

The main purpose of Digital Crown design was to provide an easy way to navigate the Apple Watch without hindering the onscreen display. With the Apple Watch Series 4, this mechanism has been completely renewed. Thanks to the tactile feedback feature, when you turn the Digital Crown now you feel a click-like vibration.

Tiny Giant

One of the most complicated technologies Apple has ever produced is the Digital Crown, which offers many more functions in a much smaller space with the Apple Watch Series 4. The entire system consists of 21% more components but 30% smaller.

Watching Your Heart.

The optical heart sensor, which allows you to quickly control your heart rate, has been an important part of the Apple Watch from the very beginning. And now this sensor is able to detect if your heart rate is below a certain threshold for 10 minutes when you are not active, and your watch will send you a low heart rate message. A low heart rate can be a symptom of bradycardia, which may pose a serious danger if the heart is insufficient to pump oxygen rich blood into the body.

Longer charging time.

The new Apple Watch, optimized in all aspects, is more powerful than ever, thinner than ever. Moreover, it offers up to 18 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Brand New S4 Chip.

The S4 chip is much more than a processor. An innovation component called SiP (System in Package), which is generated by producing the whole system on a single component. Such an architecture allows Apple Watch to host spectacular features in a very small space. And Apple Watch is the only product in the world that works entirely with SiP.

Offers up to 2 times higher speed.

The fourth-generation CPU is faster than ever before. Applications open much faster, the whole system can run at higher performance.

Speaker with 50% higher volume.

The larger, more powerful speaker on the Apple Watch Series 4 offers noticeably better sound quality for both Siri and Walkie-Talkie. Moreover, the microphone was taken to the other side for telephone calls with less echo and clearer sound.

Original leather bands designed for Apple watches.

Apple watch leather band offers unique designs for watches. For this purpose, various companies produce handmade leather watch bands of 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 44mm for apple watches. Even these handmade leather bands have their own fashion.

There are Apple watch straps specially designed for your Series 4 watches. iwatch band 38mm, iwatch band 40mm, iwatch band 42mm, iwatch band 44mm abundant options available. According to your budget, you can find Apple watch leather bands, Apple watch straps waiting for you.



Apple Watch Series 4