Apple Watch Bands Fashion

Apple Watch Band Fashion

Choice of a Apple watch band depends on a person’s style and choice and there is no single choice that can be loved, everybody. As a result of that Venosa case has tried to produce a wide range of watch bands in a bid to meet everyone’s taste.  There are different types of apple watch bands, more than seventy flavors having unique case materials, sizes, colors and interchangeable wrists connections.  The apple watch band is gradually changing and becoming better more than the company’s initial target day by day. 

The most appealing thing about an apple watch band is the ability to interchange the watch bands it deeds; apple is where technology meets art infused with fashion.  The company offers a swerve of great bands not only apple but for any watch, one would deem better for him or her.  Most companies when produce wristband they only use standard measure while Apple gives all measures for those with thin wrist circumference and those with extra large.  

Apple Watch Bands Fashion Venosa Case

There have been a lot of changes and improvements regarding the production of apple watch bands. Apple normally discharges its apple watch bands in waves with the first watchband being released in 2015 with coming up of the first Apple watch in April 2015.  The second wave of watch bands was released in the same year which is September 2015. It took Apple company about six months to resale another brand of a watchband, it happened in March 2016. The release of the fourth batch took place in September 2016.  The company often is known often for not releasing new bands, there is always just a peep of new types which include colors at the time of their income. However, when Apple introduced a new set of watchbands, they do remove the former one from the market with no prior communication with customers. For example, the first watchbands the company produced were buckle watchband s.  All the same, it is surprising either, the buckle band was limited in size and going by the apple page it was only available in 38mm which was availed for a price of about $50 dollars. 

The one thing that stands out in their brands is that the products are evolving according to too the needs of the consumer. The products are made of good stitching which makes the bands firm and more durable than another band from their competitors.  The bands are crafted using great designs as well as skilled craftsmanship. Put together with certain appropriate custom hardware and inexorable attention to features hence the company produces specials bands. Below are some of the models that are currently in the market. 

Venosa’s Classic leather Apple Watch Wristband 

This brand is produced using finicky, supple leather which is fused together instead of being stitched together. The most conspicuous thing about this brand of the band is the way it is designed it fused together with no stitching any threads used as can be seen in the picture below. Thus, its features make it a more durable band. 

Apple Watch Bands Fashion



Conclusively, there are many Leather watch band of Apple watch bands each set as its own taste it only needs an individual to know his or her taste and match it with what Apple is offering. Consumers owe it to themselves to try one, of course, according to personal taste. 

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